Made by hand. Made by me.

Every piece of jewellery I make is a one-off piece. There will never be two the same. That's how contemporary bespoke jewellery should be.

Let's shop ...
  • Engagement & Wedding Rings

    Engagement rings are one of the most important to get right. Come and chat with me. I can guide you through the process and build you something beautiful and unique.

  • Stock Jewellery

    You can purchase my stock jewellery right here on this website or through my stockists: Wander & Sons at St Clair Beach, and Rata Jewellery in the Wall Street Mall, Dunedin.

  • Re-Makes & Heirloom Pieces

    Have you inherited a piece of jewellery that's a bit dated? I can remodel that for you. It's perfect for lifting a sentimental piece into a design that you'd happily wear today.